Summer Frundel, Radhika Shah Ragsdale, Shabnum Mehra Palomba, Komѐ Muller, Katherine Vicker May, Juliana Cochnar

Summer Frundel, Radhika Shah Ragsdale, Shabnum Mehra Palomba, Komѐ Muller, Katherine Vicker May, Juliana Cochnar

  Ashley Davidson, Seattle Event Director

Ashley Davidson, Seattle Event Director

  Kristen Hosack, LA Event Director

Kristen Hosack, LA Event Director

  Kate Molak & Nicole Jensen, 2016 San Francisco Co-Event Directors

Kate Molak & Nicole Jensen,
2016 San Francisco Co-Event Directors


Juliana Cochnar and Radhika Ragsdale met in San Francisco in 2003 and were inspired to make an impact for people battling breast cancer. Juliana shared the story of her mother, Barbara’s diagnosis while Radhika shared her sorrows about recently losing her aunt, Shrena Nair. They envisioned celebrating Juliana’s mother’s survival and honoring Radhika’s aunt simultaneously with an event that would gather the community of San Francisco to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.

Soon after that fortuitous meeting, Radhika & Juliana joined forces and amassed an army of volunteers to create the fundraising gala, Beats for Boobs. The event proved to be unique by catering to a mix of urban professionals, tech leaders, alternative artists, musicians, fashion designers and young philanthropists. Attendees celebrated survival, honored those who had fallen, learned about cancer prevalence and prevention, and left feeling inspired to further support the cause.

In 2005, Juliana and Radhika were approached by close friends Katherine Vicker May, Shabnum Mehra, and Summer Frundel to form a dedicated executive team that brought fresh enthusiasm, loyalty, and expertise towards organizing what became a yearly event that progressively surpassed goals in community attendance and contributions for local breast cancer beneficiaries.

In 2007, Kome Muller attended the event and connected with Barbara, and soon after joined the executive team to help oversee finances and administration for the organization.  
Beats for Boobs entered a new expansion in 2008 when local volunteer, Ashley Davidson, moved to Seattle, and approached the team to consider a multi-city event, knowing that Beats for Boobs would be well-received beyond San Francisco. Commencing the role of local Event Director, Ashley assembled a team of passionate volunteers who created Seattle’s inaugural celebration of Beats for Boobs in 2010.

Also in 2010, Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, a registered 501c3 non-profit in San Francisco, became Beats for Boobs’ fiscal sponsor. In 2011, in addition to the San Francisco and Seattle events, Los Angeles eagerly hosted its inception of Beats for Boobsunder the leadership of LA Event Director, Kristen Hosack. In the true spirit and model of Beats for Boobs, event leaders Ashley, Kristen, and each of their local teams acted as Beats for Boobs ambassadors, committed to uniting their respective communities in growing awareness and support for breast cancer and local breast cancer agencies.

In 2013, “Beats for Boobs” and “b::b” were both trademarked to protect our unique brand.

The 10th Anniversary was held at the premiere San Francisco night club, Mezzanine, on January 24, 2015 and a total of $40k was granted out to Bay Area based breast cancer organizations!

In 2016, Beats for Boobs entered a new fiscal sponsorship agreement and partnered with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP – formerly The Breast Cancer Fund), a national breast cancer organization, to further expand our reach. 

Year 12 of the annual event marked a rebirth of energy and a re-invigoration of spirit. Kate Molak and Nicole Jensen approached the executive team in early 2016 with a vision for furthering the Beats for Boobs mission. Both passionate about the cause and wanting to make a meaningful impact in their community, offered to rise up to lead the 2016 fundraiser as co-Event Directors—empowering an expansive community to ignite the charge. Beats for Boobs 2016 surpassed all fundraising goals and granted out a total of $60,000 to the beneficiaries.

With leadership from both local and national teams, Beats for Boobs continues to grow organically and exponentially, and attracts compassionate and devoted individuals who donate boundless energy, services, and time.

Join us in joyous celebration and earnest remembrance of those impacted by breast cancer, and in support of our invaluable local breast cancer organizations.